Going To Church On Vacation

Going To Church On Vacation

To be fair, it is understandable to not want to go to church on vacation. When traveling abroad or taking a vacation, we feel like we would be uncomfortable and glaring in a church full of strangers. The idea of not knowing anyone at a church is something that can give us a certain amount of anxiety. There could be a language barrier to contend with, and there could also be a matter of finding someone to take care of the children, if you have any. Unless you plan to bring the children along, this is just one more thing you are going to need to consider.

Should I Go To Church On Vacation?

And then it’s entirely possible that you just don’t want to get up early while on vacation. Again, that is understandable. It can certainly feel as though one is going against the grain of how a vacation is supposed to go. There is no question that when we take a break from the rigors of our everyday routine, we often include our relationship to the church in that detachment.


While it is necessary, and obviously vital, to take a break from the ordinary on your vacation, this thought need not apply to attending church. Furthermore, the anxieties you may feel about going to a different church can be dramatically outweighed by the long list of benefits. There are just a number of different things that you are going to want to keep in mind.


Why You Should Go To Church On Vacation

To be sure, going to church on vacation can be a little challenging. You have to create the resolve to continue building and appreciating your relationship with Christ through fellowship. Then you have to find a church. Then you have to any necessary arrangements. Is it worth the potential hassle? Absolutely.


Depending on where you are in the world, there is an excellent chance that there is an English church in the area in which you are vacationing. At the same time, even if you don’t speak the language, you will often find that someone at a service will. They will more likely than not be only too happy to help out a fellow Christian.  A great first stop is to lookup Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Locations since this organization is not only welcoming to all guests but has a huge number of locations around the world.


To celebrate your faith in such varied company is a rare gift. While keeping up with the church in our local community is important, it is also important to remember that our faith is a global entity. It is something that you share with people all throughout the world. In just about every corner of the world, someone is celebrating their faith in a fashion similar to yours. In other words, no matter where you are in the world, you can also certainly find a church. You can find people who are going to be only too happy to welcome you into their worship. You will be able to experience the stunning, uplifting power of coming together with people from so many different nations and walks of life. To say that this will all strengthen your relationship to your faith is an understatement!

How to Lower Road Trip Anxiety

road trip anxiety

Gearing up for that big road trip, it’s easy to get lost in the romance of it all – the idea of freedom, relaxation, all the great times ahead – but have you ever noticed that as the “leave” day gets closer it can almost feel suffocating as you panic about getting all the last minute items together?

It’s always fun to go on a road trip with friends, family and loved ones. However, the reality is that being in an enclosed automobile for long periods of time can cause back pain, car sickness, boredom, and yes, even anxiety. It doesn’t have to be that way though, nor does traveling anxiety have to ruin your chances of having a good time on your next family vacation.

Being proactive can make a huge impact on your ability to go places without mental or physical distress. Preparing for any trip is essential, so why not include items and activities that can help to reduce the amount of anxiety you feel during the road trip? Do not feel discouraged by your feelings of apprehension; many people feel the same way when traveling for long periods of time in a car.
woman expressing anxiety over planning her vacation
To combat those bothersome emotions, try a few of the following tips and tricks:

Listen to some soothing or uplifting music

Before you head out for your big adventure, put together a road trip playlist. Instead of simply succumbing to whatever the radio stations play or becoming annoyed by the lack of options available, create your own soundtrack which includes songs you enjoy. You’d think road-tunage, as crucial as it is, would be at the top of everyone’s travel checklist but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left the iPod behind!  Keep in mind that the energy level of the songs you choose will directly affect your own. So, if you’re tired, listen to energizing tunes; if you’re feeling anxious, choose something calming instead.

Take a short nap (if you’re not responsible for driving)

Riding in a car for a long time can make a person drowsy, but trying to stay awake when tired can make someone irritable – further exacerbating anxiety. If being alert is causing too many problems, do your best to lay back for a short snooze. Not only will this refresh your senses, but it will also help kill time and charge up your batteries for your next turn at the wheel.


This is another one to incorporate while not driving of course, but seriously, we’re talking to more and more folks who regularly get in some form of meditation on their long trips.  “Mindfulness” is a hot topic now and applies itself well to the notion of being in the moment on your trip and not missing out on the important stuff by worrying needlessly.

Meditation can help you prepare for your travels more peacefully and with better focus, then while either a passenger or in your hotel or campground use it to relax and take it all in.  Guided meditation programs are great in that you don’t have to be super-disciplined to get something out of them – just plug and play and get rejuvenated.

Peer Out the Window

There’s nothing quite like the sight-seeing opportunities afforded to folks who undergo a long journey. The sights and sounds, and even new smells (like ocean air or the desert) can waft around the car can get your endorphins pumping causing your road trip anxiety to take a back seat. Look out for interesting people, places, other vehicles and attractions while journaling your findings. This habit can help keep you focused on something other than your ever-tightening core.

Other Activities

Nobody says you must sit still with hands folded and do nothing during a road trip! It’s perfectly acceptable to start up some group activities such as memory games, playing a Jeopardy-like trivia game, singing or just plain talking. If all else fails, open a good book to read, draw a picture inspired by your thoughts and sight-seeing on the trip, or back to the meditation and mindfulness subject try something like a contemplative labyrinth drawing or mandala coloring book. These activities can keep your anxiety at bay while also giving you inspiration for future travels.

Talk to Your Doctor

If none of the aforementioned methods work to reduce or eliminate your road trip anxiety, speak with a health care provider about the problem. There might be a natural nutritional supplement they can recommend, or there might be a deeper physiological or mental cause to the issue that they’ll want to get to the bottom of.

The point is that your vacation is supposed to be a blast – from planning through execution.  Don’t waste a minute of this precious time saddled with anxiety if you can successfully put it to rest.




Must-See Destinations When Traveling Down the East Coast

The East Coast doesn’t exactly have it’s own version of the PCH, but that doesn’t mean the interstates, highways, and backroads don’t lend themselves to an awesome journey for the recreational traveler!  A road trip down the “right side” of the United States has the potential to fill any itinerary imaginable, with more travel opportunities, roadside attractions, historical sites, and locations of interest then maybe anywhere else in America.

lighthouse portland ME

Lighthouses in Portland ME – simply amazing!

Want beaches? Check! Skiing? Check! Museums? Check again!  You’ll have the opportunity to visit historic destinations, quaint little towns and hamlets, incredible national parks, wartime monuments and memorials, amazing museums, all while feasting on some of the best food you’ll find anywhere in the country.


Regardless of whether or not you are just planning a day trip for the family, or if you want to really take your time hitting the best spots through this part of America, here are a handful of destinations to consider for your itinerary!


The White Mountains in Lincoln, New Hampshire


We mentioned skiing right? Whether on skis or hiking on foot, the White Mountains region in New Hampshire is absolutely stunning from a visual standpoint, filling you with the kind of incredible outdoor experiences you just aren’t going to find anywhere else in the US. Horseback riding excursions, camping, fishing, and more are all available here – and it’s a perfect place to spend a couple of days getting lost in nature in scenic New England.  Tip: try getting here in the fall for the foliage and all the events that cater to tourists during this season.


Portland, Maine


One of the larger cities in the very northernmost section of the East Coast, Portland, Maine has developed a reputation for having some of the most unique and exciting urban opportunities – incredible food, entertainment, and sports – while still maintaining a love and reverence of nature in a way that few other cities can match. Be sure to check out the Portland Head Lighthouse when you visit!


The Witch House in Salem, Massachusetts


Honestly – how long has this one been on your road trip bucket list? Salem, Massachusetts is home to the Salem Witch Trials, and when you visit the historic center of this little town you will be able to transport yourself back to the early 17th century when the trials were actually happening. The Witch House was originally the home of Jonathan Corwin, the judge who presided over these trials and sent 19 women to the gallows.  Beyond the house itself, the whole freaking town is worth reserving a day or two of your travel plans.

salem witch house


The Newport mansions in Newport, Rhode Island


Think of the many Newport mansions located in Newport, Rhode Island as the “Downton Abbey of the United States” and you won’t have any trouble whatsoever finding room for this tourist destination on your East Coast travel itinerary. The Preservation Society of Newport County puts on tours of these beautiful homes almost every day of the year, but Christmastime is really the best time to visit if you aren’t able to in the middle of the summer.


The Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington DC


While Washington, DC is home to so many different attractions and hotspots for those that love history, those that love culture, and those that love everything that the capital of the US has to offer, the Smithsonian National Zoo is a must visit experience that you won’t get anywhere else – on the East Coast or otherwise.


Charleston City Market in Charleston, South Carolina

Originally established in 1807, the Charleston City Market is one of the country’s oldest public markets and has been in continuous operation for more than 200 years. You’ll find all kinds of treats, all kinds of souvenirs come all kinds of gifts, and the kinds of purchases you won’t find anywhere else right here – a great spot to visit along the East Coast for sure!  If you visit in the summer be sure to book your family a couple of days at the shore.  South Carolina beaches are fantastic!

charleston city market

What to Do on Your Idaho Road Trip


Thinking of going somewhere off the beaten path for your next road trip? More and more people are looking for more unique destinations and taking in all that the US has to offer the sojourner; and social media has become a prime motivator for getting travelers interested in exploring beyond the well-trodden trails.


Folks aren’t just heading to tropical locales or the ubiquitous Disney trip any longer, but are instead enjoying some of the other hidden gems in America whether by RV or the trusty family minivan and it’s driving tourism to all-time highs. Idaho in particular is enjoying a tremendous amount of tourism recently, thanks to the picturesque nature of this beautiful state lending to so much Instagram and Facebook action by would-be photographers – you’ve may even have had a pic or two make its way into your news feed!


Tempting? If you’re thinking about pulling off a successful Idaho road trip, use this guide to pack the most into your itinerary!


Hells Canyon National Recreation Area

hells canyon


Not exactly a National Park (though it takes up a huge chunk of real estate in the state of Idaho), Hells Canyon is America’s deepest canyon – even deeper than the Grand Canyon!


Plunging a staggering 7993 feet to the valley floor below it at its deepest point, this Canyon cars its way around Idaho and Oregon border and is situated right next to the Seven Devils Mountain Range. Float trips down the river through the canyon are incredible, as our jet boat tours, and you are definitely going to want to make sure that you visit this destination on your Idaho road trip.


Lake Coeur d’Alene


Covering more than 26 miles and with 135 miles of beaches, this Lake is an international resort destination and home to some of the most incredible natural landscape you’ll find anywhere in the US, let alone Idaho. Resorts are located throughout Lake Coeur d’Alene, giving you plenty of opportunity to rest, relax, and recover, and you’ll find more activities to enjoy here then you ever would have thought possible!


The Route of Hiawatha

Route of Hiawatha

A converted rail trail that cruises along the St. Joe River for more than 15 miles, the best way to experience this road trip destination is on bicycle. You’ll be able to cruise your bike over seven unique trestle bridges and through 10 different train tunnels, and the entirety of the trail is downhill so you don’t have to worry about burning out on your bike if it’s been a while. There are shuttle buses at the end of the trail that will bring you back to the top – and back to your car – making this a must see destination and road trip detour.


Craters of the Moon

craters of the moon idaho

Roughly the same size as the entire state of Rhode Island, you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy to visit Idaho and not see what the Craters of the Moon is all about. Spanning more than 750,000 acres, the entire terrain is covered in lava tubes, cinder cones, and fissures – and you’ll feel just like you are on the surface of the moon rather than smack dab in Idaho itself!


There is so much to see and so much to do in Idaho, and the above destinations represent only the tip of the iceberg of hotspots that you want to visit when you are road tripping through this incredible American state.


Tips for Road Tripping with a Baby

If you want to take your baby along on your next road trip, you sound like an adventurous and fun-loving parent! Exposing your baby to fun experiences early on will be a good way to ensure that your infant develops plenty of healthy curiosity about people, things and different places! It’s a good way to start raising a child who enjoys change, rather than being afraid of it. However, you’ll need to do a good bit of preparation and planning ahead in terms of ensuring that your baby gets the highest standard of care (including lots of love and attention) while you’re on the road.

baby in car seat

It may seem daunting but lots of parents are deciding to go road tripping with their babies in tow. The savviest ones do a lot of organizing and consider all contingencies before they strap their tots into car seats and then head for new or familiar highways and byways.


Today, we’d like to share three tips which will make road tripping with a baby so much easier!


Pack the Right Stuff


You already know that you need baby care basics, such as diapers, formula (if your baby is bottle-fed), powder and baby wipes. You know that your baby needs lots of clean clothes and a few soft and safe blankets. However, there are a few extras you’ll need to pack in your car. Experts recommend investing in window shades which help to protect your infant from sunlight. These shades may be attached to the interior of your auto. Draw the shades when you want to make it easier for your baby to sleep while you drive.


If you don’t own one already, you should know that investing in a bottle warmer will be a smart strategy. At home we have the go-to microwave for this task but that’s not going to help you on the road, or if you happen to check into a “rustic” hotel that does not include a microwave as one of its room amenities.  Look for a warmer that is battery-powered and even better one that works with rechargeable batteries. (Don’t forget to pack your battery charger.) You may charge up the bottle warmer at night when you’re off the road. Then, you’ll always be able to warm milk to the perfect temperature during rest breaks or with the help from your partner in the passenger seat while you’re driving.


You should also bring enough toys to keep your baby amused. A very young baby won’t need as many toys as an older one. Think about your baby’s stage of development and buy accordingly.

Also, we think that buying a rear view “baby mirror” which allows you to keep an eye on your infant when you’re driving when no one else is in the car is smart. If you’re traveling with another adult, this won’t really be necessary.


Buy Medical Travel Insurance


It’s vital to buy more-than-adequate travel medical insurance. If you’re going out of state or too another country, you need to know that you and your baby can get proper medical care if either of you need it. Better safe than sorry!


Get Enough Sleep, Water and Food


The last tip is to take care of yourself while you travel. You need to be alert, positive and energized. This means getting enough sleep, water and food.


Now that you know some useful tips for road tripping with a baby, you’ll be able to prepare effectively and ensure that everyone has a great time while you’re seeing the country.