Tips for Road Tripping with a Baby

If you want to take your baby along on your next road trip, you sound like an adventurous and fun-loving parent! Exposing your baby to fun experiences early on will be a good way to ensure that your infant develops plenty of healthy curiosity about people, things and different places! It’s a good way to start raising a child who enjoys change, rather than being afraid of it. However, you’ll need to do a good bit of preparation and planning ahead in terms of ensuring that your baby gets the highest standard of care (including lots of love and attention) while you’re on the road.

baby in car seat

It may seem daunting but lots of parents are deciding to go road tripping with their babies in tow. The savviest ones do a lot of organizing and consider all contingencies before they strap their tots into car seats and then head for new or familiar highways and byways.


Today, we’d like to share three tips which will make road tripping with a baby so much easier!


Pack the Right Stuff


You already know that you need baby care basics, such as diapers, formula (if your baby is bottle-fed), powder and baby wipes. You know that your baby needs lots of clean clothes and a few soft and safe blankets. However, there are a few extras you’ll need to pack in your car. Experts recommend investing in window shades which help to protect your infant from sunlight. These shades may be attached to the interior of your auto. Draw the shades when you want to make it easier for your baby to sleep while you drive.


If you don’t own one already, you should know that investing in a bottle warmer will be a smart strategy. At home we have the go-to microwave for this task but that’s not going to help you on the road, or if you happen to check into a “rustic” hotel that does not include a microwave as one of its room amenities.  Look for a warmer that is battery-powered and even better one that works with rechargeable batteries. (Don’t forget to pack your battery charger.) You may charge up the bottle warmer at night when you’re off the road. Then, you’ll always be able to warm milk to the perfect temperature during rest breaks or with the help from your partner in the passenger seat while you’re driving.


You should also bring enough toys to keep your baby amused. A very young baby won’t need as many toys as an older one. Think about your baby’s stage of development and buy accordingly.

Also, we think that buying a rear view “baby mirror” which allows you to keep an eye on your infant when you’re driving when no one else is in the car is smart. If you’re traveling with another adult, this won’t really be necessary.


Buy Medical Travel Insurance


It’s vital to buy more-than-adequate travel medical insurance. If you’re going out of state or too another country, you need to know that you and your baby can get proper medical care if either of you need it. Better safe than sorry!


Get Enough Sleep, Water and Food


The last tip is to take care of yourself while you travel. You need to be alert, positive and energized. This means getting enough sleep, water and food.


Now that you know some useful tips for road tripping with a baby, you’ll be able to prepare effectively and ensure that everyone has a great time while you’re seeing the country.

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